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Jo Nordeen
Jo Nordeen
Summit Speaker

Military Family Support, Veterans Infor Network (VIN), Sr. Manager, Campus Education Enablement Team, Infor

Based in the great state of Wyoming with my awesome husband of 43 years. We love all things outdoors but mostly working our golden retrievers in upland bird game hunting. It's a great life!

From 1996 forward, education and training is where I believe that a successful customer journey begins at Infor. Education is at the heart of what we do, it is the building block at the cornerstone of the customer relationship.

I believe that while Infor is a really big place, each of us can make a customer feel like they are amongst friends and family no matter the Infor department. From my point of view, all of our Infor employees deeply care about the success of the customer and want to work toward that end to fulfill the mission.

I have 25+ years at Infor in a variety of roles:

  • Infor Support Team
  • Distribution SX.e Education and Training
  • Infor Partner Network
  • Infor Campus Education Engagement