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Joanne Nieves
Joanne Nieves
Summit Speaker

Senior Communications Manager, HR Total Rewards at Pitney Bowes

Joanne is a born communicator. In her current role as Senior Communications Manager for HR, Total Rewards at Pitney Bowes she is the lead strategist for marketing benefits, compensation and wellbeing programs and resources. In this role, she innovates across digital and print channels to boost engagement and reach employees around the world.

Joanne has a 22-year background in marketing and branding with extensive experience in B2B, B2C and internal communications for both agencies and large corporations. With a pioneering spirit and a track record of successfully breaking new ground in communications, she has been recognized with several industry awards including the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Bronze Award for Best Benefits, Wellness, and Wellbeing Program, the 2012 NBGH award for Innovation in Reducing Health Care Disparities (along with UnitedHealthcare) and a certificate of appreciation from Health & Human Services (HHS). What drives her? Her passion for reaching people and providing education and information to help them achieve total wellbeing in every aspect of their lives, while enhancing the overall employee experience to attract, engage and retain global talent.

Joanne holds an undergraduate degree in marketing from Berkeley College and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Public Health / Health Promotion from Liberty University. In her spare time, she is an advocate and volunteer for several non-profit organizations geared towards improving the lives of children living with Type 1 Diabetes.