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Jovan Wolf (He/They)
Jovan Wolf (He/They)
Summit Speaker

Director of Workplace Equality at TransCanWork, Inc

Jovan Wolf is an innovative and passionate advocate for the TGI community, seamlessly blending roles as a fashion designer, herbalist, and Director of Workplace Equality at Trans Can Work. With unwavering dedication, Jovan rallies their efforts to foster TGI inclusivity in workplaces, empowering employers to be more supportive and providing essential opportunities for job seekers to thrive. Drawing from a multi-racial, Black and Filipino background, Jovan identifies as Trans and Gender Non-Conforming, utilizing their passion for art, advocacy, and media to uplift the TGI community. Their impactful contributions extend beyond their current role, including their service on the board of Gender Justice Los Angeles and their insightful perspectives shared in the esteemed 75th anniversary edition of the Society for Human Resource Management magazine. Through art, advocacy, and tireless efforts, Jovan serves as a catalyst for impactful change, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and equitable future for the TGI community and beyond.