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Justine Ramos
Justine Ramos
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Training and Development Specialist I, Raytheon Technologies

Justine Ramos is a training and development specialist for Raytheon Missiles and Defense based in Dallas, Texas. She has over 10 years of training and curriculum development experience where she single-handedly supervises, records, tracks all training programs, and effective online courses including employee training history and status reports of over 600 employees. As the site's first-ever training coordinator, she re-developed, created multiple online courses, and introduced new designs while utilizing different learning platforms and software to train employees in various learning environments. She also manages the site's company records to protect, control, and oversee vital company information efficiently and cost-effectively. Her passion for training comes from her fellow peers who encouraged her to pursue the career as they enjoyed her training sessions in preparation for the U.S. Navy's biannual advancement rate exams.

Military Experience:

Before her career in Raytheon, she served in the United States Navy as an Aviation Ordnanceman from November 2011 to August 2018 where she graduated top of her class during her technical training school. One of her noted achievements included reaching the rank of E-1 to E-6 in less than 5 years and USS Ronal Reagan (CVN-76) Weapon's Department Sailor of the Year back in 2015. With her superb leadership and technical expertise, she led and directed over 100 personnel in the safe handling and building of 1,583 tons of conventional ordnance including rockets, missiles, and bombs valued at $600 million in support of the 7th fleet operational requirements from 2012-2015. By 2016, she was assigned to NATTC Pensacola as an AO instructor to "lead from the front", mentor, and train all the new sailors and marines who joined the military as an AO. She received her master training specialist qualification and ran the maintenance department as the leading petty officer.


Her educational background includes graduating from Southern Illinois University as a Cum Laude with a degree of B.S. Workforce Education and Development. She will also be graduating this December from the University of North Texas with a Masters in Learning Technologies. She is also enrolled this coming Spring of 2022 for her MBA in Strategic Management.Justine C. RamosTraining and Development Specialist