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Kathy Eastwood (She/Her)
Kathy Eastwood (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

CEO, E Equals Why

With over 25 years of multifaceted experience in the corporate world, Kathy Eastwood stands as a beacon of leadership and innovation. Her transition from a CPA to a C-Suite executive has seen her excel in diverse roles across Sales, R&D, Project Management, and more, each contributing significantly to her rich leadership acumen. Central to Kathy’s philosophy is her unwavering commitment to nurturing effective leadership and eradicating ineffective management practices. This dedication led her to establish E Equals Why, a leadership development company that is redefining the landscape of leadership training. At E Equals Why, Kathy has pioneered a unique approach to leadership development, which places a strong emphasis on connecting with people at a deeper, more meaningful level. The company's E3 Methodology: Express, Engage, Execute, supplemented by the E3 Emotional Qualities, showcases Kathy's dedication to fostering leadership that resonates emotionally, thereby driving positive outcomes and elevating the human experience within organizations. E Equals Why is a testament to Kathy's vision of a world where leadership is not just about driving results, but about uplifting humanity through ethical, noble business practices. This vision is rooted in creating environments where trust, teamwork, and shared purpose are foundational, thereby enabling organizations to achieve success