Diversity reboot

Katy Mason
Katy Mason
Summit Speaker

Interview & Conversation Guide, Spotlighting WoC, first-gen perspectives

Katy is best known for encouraging and inspiring virtual beyond-surface-level participatory sessions, attracting repeat attendees seeking to practice collaboration. Her active engagements in global virtual sessions has led to virtual engagement tool kits, best practices and insights - the invaluable in-depth knowledge library for leaders and coaches actively refining their craft.Her childhood in Hong Kong sparked her love and appreciation for cultures and perspectives. Along the way, her training in design and research strengthened her superpower in uncovering patterns, themes and threads in human stories. Learning from perspectives and belief systems fuels her quest to build vibrant communities with individuals and organizations craving for iterative conversational spaces and re-connection to humanity. She is a trained UX researcher experienced in building usability interviews, scenarios, and scripts. Practitioner of empathic customer motivation discovery, transforming thought process and behavior into actionable insights and roadmaps to inform product dev and stakeholders on ‘what’ to build for the next version. Conversation Facilitator ✧ Interviewer ✧ Moderator ✧ UXR Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/katy-mason/ and Instagram @modernchi