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Lex Keaton (They/Them)
Lex Keaton (They/Them)
Summit Speaker

Account Executive at PowertoFly

Part of the New Business Sales team at PowerToFly, Lex works with companies that care to attract, hire, and retain underrepresented talent while harnessing intersectionality. Before joining PowerToFly, Lex worked within the eCommerce industry and started their DEIB journey at birth but has 13 years of DEIB-related work under their belt.Lex was diagnosed with Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) at birth through a genetic mutation. OI is a genetic or heritable disease in which bones fracture (break) easily, often with no apparent cause or minimal injury. As a disabled queer living in the southern states of the United States, Lex is fully aware of the lack of opportunities for their communities to thrive, so they advocate for remote work and its benefits.Lex lives with their partner of almost eight years with their two dogs and two cats and has various specialist interests ranging from quantum theory to Taylor Swift's Era Tour Surprises.