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Liam Lazore
Liam Lazore
Summit Speaker

Athlete & Content Creator

Liam Lazore is a transgender man committed to breaking social norms while creating the life he's always desired.

Liam is a recent college graduate, who played on the women's college basketball team before transitioning from female to male. Liam spent much of his time as an athlete struggling with his identity and mental health, as well as an eating disorder.

Liam's passion for basketball took a backseat as he made the conscious decision to pursue his transition, and focused his love of exercise on fitness and the gym. A place where he works to grow and improve mentally and physically, and helps others do the same.

Presently, Liam is proud to say he's the happiest, strongest, and most confident he's ever been. He currently is three years on hormone therapy and has undergone top surgery, and is working through the final steps of his transitioning process as a whole.

By being open about his transition in his personal life, on social media, and beyond, Liam's hope is to both inspire as well as help others who may be questioning their gender identity.