Diversity reboot

Luciano Medica (He/Him)
Luciano Medica (He/Him)
Summit Speaker

Team Manager of Customer Support at Workiva

Luciano, born in Argentina but a resident of the Netherlands and the UK for the past 9 years, is an experienced professional in customer support and inventory and asset management, having worked in SaaS companies for more than 5 years now. He joined Workiva in 2021 as a Customer Support Engineer and now serves as a Team Manager of Customer Support, leading his team towards success as the company grows. Alongside his manager role, Luciano acts as the current Community Pillar Leder for the Rainbow BERG at Workiva, building relationships with external organizations to enable Workiva’s participation and contribution to the LGBTQI+ community. In his free time, Luciano divides his efforts between crossfit, learning new things and gardening.