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Madhavi Gurijala
Madhavi Gurijala
Summit Speaker

SR Director of Software Engineering , Utilization Management (Inpatient Care management, Prior Auth, Appeals etc)

Madhavi is leading Engineering strategy to build products and platforms by transforming healthcare into digitalization to serve and respond faster to help people live healthier lives. Certified Healthcare Professional(MBA) with 25+ years of experience working in multiple business segments such as Finance, Transportation and healthcare. Leading enterprise big bets for Optum for enterprise engineering initiatives. Highly motivated ,passionate and inspired by our Vision “ Helping people live healthier lives and helping make the heath system work better for everyone” embracing that, my aspiration is to help set the pace for HealthCare products by becoming a trusted thought leader, led by an example also with knowledge. Driven to be the best and enhancing leadership, technical expertise , building Women leaders, Brand Covets of Teams with Engineering culture to serve to organization.