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Marie Roker Jones
Marie Roker Jones
Summit Speaker

Cofounder, Essteem

Marie Roker-Jones is the co-founder of Essteem, a turnkey solution that helps companies turn their sustainability commitments into real actions, measurable results, and positive social impact. She is a social impact leader, military spouse, and change agent with over ten years of experience in leading gender and racial diversity strategies. As the founder of Raising Great Men, she built a movement for parents, empowering them with resources to raise culturally aware and socially conscious children. She was the senior editor for The Good Men Project, a diverse, multi-faceted media company and an idea-based social platform for cultural conversation about manhood. Marie also has workforce and career development experience creating workforce re-entry programs for underrepresented communities through coalition building, employment readiness, networking opportunities, and community outreach. Marie was the lead for The Charter for Compassion's Compassionate NYC and through her project, #CompassionConvos facilitated cross-sectoral dialogue to examine implicit biases and their impact on our perception of criminality, economic disparities, educational underachievement, health disparities, and other factors that bring about social stratification and separation.