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Marnie Weber
Marnie Weber
Summit Speaker

Senior Learning and Development Manager, & Vice President of AIM at Expedia

Marnie Weber is a senior member of Expedia Group’s Faculty Excellence team in Learning and Development. Before joining Expedia Group over 3 years ago, Marnie had a long career at Microsoft, opened shop as a professional coach and facilitator, did some consulting, and co-curated TEDxSeattle. TEDxSeattle unleashed her inner storyteller and latent activist. Since joining Expedia Group, Marnie has described each role as her dream job. She’s currently on a mission to empower facilitators across the company to be their best, to build a sense of belonging across the company and, in her role as Global AIM IBG Vice President, break down barriers for people with disabilities. She shares Rumi’s belief that "Love is the bridge between you and everything."