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Maryann Abbajay
Maryann Abbajay
Summit Speaker

Chief Revenue Officer, SAP SuccessFactors

Maryann Abbajay is the Chief Revenue Officer, SAP SuccessFactors. As an enthusiastic leader at SAP for over 13 years, Maryann continues to provide support and motivate others to achieve their goals. As the CRO, she is responsible for building a sustainable revenue model to ensure continued, robust sales growth and execution globally for SuccessFactors. She is passionate about Employee Experience and its criticality to a successful company. For her, it is important to make sure employees have the same amount of confidence in their leaders as leaders should have in their employees. Previously, she served as the Global Managing Dir. of Qualtrics SWAT Team. Also as the VP of Strategic Customer Programs and UKI Board Member, her primary focus was on SAP’s most strategic customers in the West and in the UK. Prior to SAP, she held Sales Management positions with webMethods, Cisco Systems, & Oracle. She is a University of Georgia graduate. In her spare time, Maryann enjoys gardening, making jams and bread, and spending time traveling with her family.