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Michelle Meyers (She/Her)
Michelle Meyers (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

Founder, DirectHer

Michelle is the founder of DirectHer, your Salary Negotiation Bestie. Whether negotiating a raise or promotion, navigating a new job offer, or wanting that much-needed gut check on if you're getting paid what you're worth, DirectHer teaches you how to advocate for yourself and your paycheck as a woman in the corporate world. To date, her clients have secured an additional $500,000 in salary and benefits (and counting!). Michelle leverages her Talent Acquisition and HR expertise to share relevant industry insider secrets, insight into how compensation cycles and salary bands actually work, and the best tools for you to utilize to speak up authentically and confidently. Outside of work, she serves on the United Women in Business board in NYC, which focuses on professional and personal development for women of all ages, industries, and backgrounds.