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Maribel Lopez
Maribel Lopez
Summit Speaker

Founder and Principal Analyst, Lopez Research

Maribel is the founder of Lopez Research and the Data For Betterment Foundation. Lopez Research is a market research and strategy consulting firm covering topics that range from Artificial Intelligence to hybrid work transformation. Her clients range from start-ups to global firms, including 10 of the Fortune 30.

Maribel is also the author of the John Wiley and Sons book "Right-time Experiences" a contributor to Forbes and host of the podcast Reimagine Hybrid Work.

She's also the founder of the non-profit, the Data For Betterment Foundation, that helps individuals and businesses understand how to prepare for new roles as companies embrace new future of work technologies.

Prior to founding Lopez Research, Maribel gained her expertise by working at Motorola, International Data Corp., Shiva Corporation and Forrester Research.

Maribel is frequently quoted by publications such as Bloomberg, Marketwatch, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, The Globe and Mail, Businessweek, The Los Angeles Times, Reuters, and The Associated Press. She has also appeared on Bloomberg, BBC, CNBC and NPR.

Follow her on Twitter @MaribelLopez LinkedIn and on Forbes.