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Naz Mir (He/They)
Naz Mir (He/They)
Summit Speaker

Global DEI Business Partner and EMEA DEI Lead at ServiceNow

Naz Mir is the Global DEI Business Partner and EMEA DEI Lead at ServiceNow. A seasoned HR professional, he has spent the last 6 years focused within the diversity, equity and inclusion space working across various industries including tech, fashion, nonprofit, wealth management, legal and telecoms – just to name a few.

Naz describes himself as a gay, second-generation Bangladeshi immigrant. While growing up, he didn’t always know how the many different intersects of his identity should interact with one another, whether it be LBGTQ+, faith or culture. As time passed, Naz realized that he didn’t need to fit into boxes and could forge his own path. He says it allowed me to embrace my uniqueness as a superpower. He gets out of bed every morning to help others realize that… “what makes you different, gives you power”.

Naz loves spending his spare time exploring the world with his partner of 6 years, Andrew. He has a particular love of Tudor history, horror films, Lego building, and cross stitching and you can always find him playing along to quiz/game shows on TV!