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Pride Inside and Out: What It Takes to be an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace


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Pride Inside and Out: What It Takes to be an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace

Pride: Championing LGBTQIA+ Leaders & Allies

Join Tyler Blackburn and Kika Chatterjee for an insightful session outlining best practices and tangible takeaways that workplaces and employers can leverage to create inclusive year-round inclusive work environments for LGBTQ+ staff, not just during Pride Month. From external campaigns, to internal policies, these thought leaders will share what it truly means for companies to be equitable.

Tyler Blackburn

Tyler Blackburn is a senior associate director at APCO and is based in APCO's Chicago office. He is a member of the firm's corporate communications and equity and justice practice and is an award-winning DEI subject matter expert.

Tyler is a corporate communications leader and DEI expert with a Master of Communications from Loyola University Chicago and over a decade of experience crafting compelling content, plans and communications strategies that empower people to influence systemic change. He has led projects and workstreams for private companies that resulted in 78% positive change in internal stakeholders’ perception of DEI initiatives. His clients have included Prudential, Southwest Airlines, Pretium Partners, and VERITY Now, a coalition dedicated to removing gender bias from vehicle safety policies and practices.

Tyler has also served as co-chair for APCO’s Black African Ancestry Movement employee resource group (ERG) and is a member of the firm’s PROUD@APCO ERG. Prior to APCO, Tyler worked in and around the Chicago public school system leading family and community communications and strategic planning.

Kika Chatterjee

Kika Chatterjee is an associate director at APCO Worldwide in California where she specializes in nonprofit program management and digital implementation. Ms. Chatterjee brings knowledge in gender issues and the music industry to her clients, with a focus on the nexus of entertainment industry advocacy and modern issues of social justice. She informs her strategy development and implementation with a background in digital marketing.

Previously, Ms. Chatterjee managed marketing for Equal Vision Records, an independent record label based in Albany, as well as developed editorial for music magazine Alternative Press in Cleveland.

Ms. Chatterjee holds a bachelor’s degree in women’s and gender studies from Wheaton College Massachusetts.

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