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RECORDING: How to Set Digital Boundaries to Support Daily Wellness


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RECORDING: How to Set Digital Boundaries to Support Daily Wellness

Healthcare, Wellness & Mental Health

Do you feel "used up" at the end of each day? If so, you're in good company. Recent surveys reported that 60% of leaders say they feel used up at the end of the workday (Forbes, May 2021) and 69% of employees working from home are experiencing burnout symptoms (ErgonomicsTrends, 2021)This conversation, hosted by Jenna Rykiel, Certified Leadership Coach, aims to support leaders to build practices and habits that prioritize daily wellness for themselves and their teams. When we set boundaries for ourselves, we have more energy to thrive in all areas of our lives.

In this chat you’ll learn:

Understand and practice how to identify need for boundaries, build awareness around the importance of uninterrupted focus and presence, and learn how to work smarter with communication boundaries

Jenna Rykiel

Ayla Morwin

Jenna is a certified Leadership and Mindset coach who specializes in supporting sustainable leadership by teaching tools to prevent burnout.

She coaches leaders to recognize limiting beliefs and prioritize their own health and wellbeing so they can be more present and effective leaders (and humans).

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