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RECORDING: Intersectionality Matters: Addressing the Overlapping Identities of LGBTQIA+ Professionals


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RECORDING: Intersectionality Matters: Addressing the Overlapping Identities of LGBTQIA+ Professionals

Pride: Championing LGBTQIA+ Leaders & Allies

Curious about navigating identity in the workplace? Join LGBTQIA+ professionals from Cummins, including Keivin Lewis, HBCU Engagement Leader, and Seoyeon Bae, Marketing Specialist, as they share their journeys and insights as they explore topics such as:

  • Personal Stories: Hear real-life experiences from Keivin and Seoyeon navigating their unique identities
  • Intersectionality Unveiled: Discover the dynamic interplay of being BIPOC, queer, nonbinary, and more in the corporate world
  • Cummins' Inclusivity Commitment: Learn about resources, ERGs, and support available for LGBTQIA+ professionals.

Join us for an authentic, enlightening discussion that celebrates diversity and empowers advocacy. Sign up to secure your spot now and be part of the conversation that matters!

Keivin Lewis

Keivin is a Metro Detroit native, passionate about fitness and helping people embrace their true self. As the HBCU Engagement Leader, Keivin is passionate about keeping DEI at the forefront of the recruitment process. In addition, advocating for LGBTQ rights is a cause close to his heart as he serves as Co-Lead for Michigan Pride ERG at Cummins inc. His strong suit is solving problems and finding solutions, whether it's in his personal life, his work, or championing social causes.

Seoyeon Bae

Seoyeon Bae is a Marketing Specialist with backgrounds in advertising, psychology, and DEIB. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, they have been involved in DEIB for BIPOC, queer, trans/nonbinary, immigrants, and neurodiversity. Seoyeon is also passionate about mental health, content creation, and marketing strategy.

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