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RECORDING: It’s Not About You: Best Practices for Brands Working with Disabled Public Figures


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RECORDING: It’s Not About You: Best Practices for Brands Working with Disabled Public Figures

Visible & Invisible Disabilities and Neurodivergence

With disability representation growing in the media, and brands eager to collaborate with disabled public figures, representation itself is not enough. Brands must work to create an environment where collaborations are founded on disability inclusion principles. In this talk, model and influencer Clara Holmes, who works with brands like Meta, Google, and Vogue, advises brands how they can ensure that their collabs with disabled creators uplift the creators themselves, not just the brand’s image.

Clara Holmes

Clara Holmes aka @rollinfunky is a London, UK based Model, Fashion & Lifestyle Content Creator/Influencer. Where she shares her passion for fashion, fitness and travel adventures, girl about town lifestyle and disabled joy. Clara has worked with many big brands on influencer campaigns like google pixel and have modelled and featured in Vogue Portugal.

Clara has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which is an inherited connective tissue disorder it’s a very painful and I have been a wheelchair for nearly 17 years. Clara is also a public speaker and often campaigns for more diversity in fashion, media and marketing and is part of Meta’s ‘Meet the Billion’ for brands to become more inclusive in marketing and advertising.

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