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Ren Q. Dawe (He/They)
Ren Q. Dawe (He/They)
Summit Speaker

2Q Global Chair | Faculty Relations Manager at 2U

Ren Q Dawe (he/they) is a trans activist, TechEd professional, and comedian living in Denver, CO. At 2U, Ren is the Global Chair for 2Q, 2U’s LGBTQIA+ business resource network, where they collaborate with employees to create and disperse LGBTQIA+ programming focussed on awareness, allyship, intersectionality, and accessibility in the workplace. Ren’s academic background is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS), with a focus on gender-affirming care, and Business Administration (MBA), with a focus on project management. Ren also works in the non-profit sector as a member of the Trans Advisory Committee for Out Boulder County and a content creator for Ku-A-Kanaka and You Can Play, working to ensure the safety and inclusion for LGBTQIA+ individuals in corporate education, higher education, and sports education. Ren seeks to blend their creative work with their career in education, and has published several works of poetry, essays, and recently was published in the Currere Exchange Journal for their work centering transness in the education space. You can learn more about Ren on their website: https://www.rendawe.com/