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Rev. Anne-Marie Zanzal
Rev. Anne-Marie Zanzal
Summit Speaker

Coming Out & Beyond | LGBTQ IA + Coaching

Anne-Marie Zanzal is a graduate of Yale Divinity School and an ordained minister in the progressive United Church of Christ. She is a clinically trained chaplain completing both an internship and residency within the Yale Healthcare System and worked in hospitals and hospices. She is a bereavement counselor certified by the MissFoundation. Anne-Marie came out as a lesbian at fifty after a 25 year marriage and four children. After this challenging coming out later in life experience, she founded Coming Out & Beyond | LGBTQIA+ Coaching. Anne-Marie works with cisgender and trans women plus non binary people comfortable in those spaces who are in the process of coming out later in life. Anne-Marie and her team provide one-on-one and group coaching programs as well as workshops and retreats. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her wife photographer Tonda McKay