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Rich Richards
Rich Richards
Summit Speaker

Projects Coordinator at Jamija and Peer Navigator at Jamaica AIDS Support for Life

Rich Richards is a transmasculine Jamaican who continues to occupy spaces that are deemed unreachable by trans bodies. A mobilizer, graphic artist, political consultant, and an advocate for marginalized people. His visibility is the tool used to access spaces outside of the normal queer environments, having held leadership conversations around queer acceptance and value towards movement such as political numbers. He uses the written word and graphics to share his journey and catalogue the experiences of himself and people like him who live at the intersection of blackness, transness and 'ghetto identity'in order to claim space and propose new queer futures that are more inclusive.

Rich is currently a Peer Navigator at Jamaica AIDS Support for Life were he's apart of the prevention team, he is the Special Projects Coordinator at Jamija. At this time he is cultivating his project KINGMAN through a collaboration with forward together which is geared at fighting bullying in lower schools. This project in particular targets LGBTQ+ youths, children orphaned by HIV, children with LGBTQ+ parents. Rich is a proud father of three who is actively engaged in the welfare of improving the school system for LGBT students, students who have LGBT parents, students with disabilities, students with mental challenges, students at risk of falling to violence, students who live below the poverty lines and students living in volatile communities. Using his visibility to advance the conversations of the future is inclusive, standing on his platform to Re-Integrate Change Holistically.
Rich is the first openly queer Jamaican to attempt to run for political office. Former youth politician who still holds political ties with resitances to unseat incompetence and in justice. He believes that political representatives should be held accountable for the promises they made, they should act on the statement made to enter office in order to remain seated. He continues to do work in his communities to improve and empower them to become more than what is expected. His journey through the Jamaican trenches has been a colorful one but he perseveres not only for himself but for those of us who have no voice, for those of us whose presence have been ignored and for those of who do not have the language to speak for ourselves. Rich continues to make strides from behind enemy lines as he tries to strategically change the landscape with a hire at a time, a phone call or an email, even a response, a connection linking someone in need to care.

While he continues to destabilize the norm by inviting the disenfranchised into spaces that were exhiled from because of heteronormative ideals, he still craves collaboration and community. Rich is accessible and can be reach through richrichards360@gmail.com or via whatsapp 1-876-483-7865 or 1-876-591-2550