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Robert Whitehouse (He/Him)
Robert Whitehouse (He/Him)
Summit Speaker

SVP of Talent Business Partnership - EMEA & NA, MiQ

Robert Whitehouse received his masters in Social-Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Remaining rooted in vibrant NYC, Robert's professional journey initially began in Learning and Development, gradually expanding to encompass a broader HR portfolio. Over the past seven years he has been employed by a tech firm, helping it to transform from a scrappy start up to a major player in the adtech space. Starting as Head of L&D, Robert is currently the Senior Vice President of Talent Business Partnership for EMEA and NA. A champion of people-centric leadership, Robert strives to strike a balance between individual well-being and organizational objectives, recognizing that an imbalance can create challenges - no matter the setting. Drawing from his understanding of group dynamics theories, he helps individuals to understand the nuances of authority, unravel interpersonal conflicts, and foster a high performing team.