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Sallee Poinsette-Nash (She/Her)
Sallee Poinsette-Nash (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

Founder & Director, Brandable & Co.

One of the UK's leading people-brand strategists and founder of Brandable & Co. Sallee has worked with thousands of fascinating humans, from Dragons to Gladiators, CEOs to Philanthropists and Investors to Startups - in her own words she’s “an introvert who REALLY likes people!” Her professional experience and insights come from 20+ years spent working across industries with a prestigious client list. She held CEO, COO and advisory board positions before founding her own company in 2018. At the heart of Sallee’s work is a lifelong drive for impact. She’s a United Nations UK Women delegate and ensures that career strategy is accessible to young people in education, overlooked talent and underserved communities through Brandable & Co.’s pro bono work with their Pay It Forward partners.