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Sean Baker
Sean Baker
Summit Speaker

Commercial Counsel at Samsara

Sean has been a practicing attorney for over a decade and has been working as in-house counsel for technology companies for the past 4 years. Sean’s desire to make an impact, both personally and professionally, has led him to participate in a number of efforts focused on sustainability and the environment, including joining the Sustainability Ambassador’s Leadership Team while at Amazon, working on the Sierra Club’s “Ready for 100” campaign as a volunteer with Lawyer’s For Good Government, and now as a part of a cross-functional team shaping Samsara’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) efforts. Sean originally joined Samsara, at least in part, because they had sustainability in their DNA and has consistently found throughout his career that companies do well when they work to do good, especially in the tech industry. He remains excited for the impact that Samsara can have for all its stakeholders, very much including its current and future employees.