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Sheryl Walton
Sheryl Walton
Summit Speaker

Senior Manager, Autodesk

Sheryl has worked in the technical industry for 20+ years. She is a Senior Manager for a Digital Enterprise Services group, leading global teams who support the organization with Enterprise Applications, Cloud Services, A.I. tools & SaaS solutions. The groups she manages are accountable for the full life cycle of entitlements as they align with digital transformations, the customer experiences, hardware, software, and automations.

Sheryl previously worked for Clear Channel, Tesoro, (aka Marathon Oil), Boeing and Honeywell. She is passionate about leading global teams while executing digital footprints with automations and great customer experiences. She is always ready for challenges of any size, as it provides her the opportunity to combine the right mix of people and technology to find the best solutions; for business and for those who are under served.

She also partners with other organizations such as TechWomen, The Hidden Genius Project, Girls Who Code, Black Girls Who Code, SPARK, YearUp and DreamWorks to name a few. In this platform, she proudly contributes to others, helping them grow both personally and professionally; and is industrious in encouraging those interested in STEM and/or youth engagement to make a difference in their communities.