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Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown
Summit Speaker

Founder & CEO, The Rosie Network

Stephanie is a senior military spouse, wife of recently retired R. Admiral Thomas L. Brown (SEAL). She grew up as an Air Force "brat" moving around the country and overseas. Her father was a Vietnam veteran with over 20 years of active duty service. Stephanie is a sought after subject matter expert and speaker on entrepreneurship. She has dedicated over 20 years to supporting and advocating on behalf of military families, and veterans. Stephanie has been featured on national FOX News, The New York Times, Woman's Day Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, Military Families Magazine, Business Insider, CBS News, Military Spouse Magazine and more. She is a member of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Spouse Ambassador Network and has been presented the Commander's Award for Civilian Service by the Commanding General of Special Operations Command SOUTH. The Rosie Network was founded after spending hours searching Angie's List & craigslist for a contractor to do repair work on their home. Not comfortable having someone unknown coming into their house and preferring to hire a veteran, Stephanie set about creating a means for the American public to locate our nation's military family-owned businesses. Many months later, Rosie's List was born. "We are the only non-profit search tool which features verified veteran and military spouse-owned businesses, provides them with a business profile page and doesn't charge them a dime," says Stephanie. The Rosie Network expanded to include no cost training and mentorship through it's national award-winning Service2CEO program, now offered through chapters nationwide.

"Our mission is to provide business owners and budding military entrepreneurs the kind of business training and support needed to ensure the greatest opportunity for success," Stephanie Brown. The Browns live in San Diego with their horses, dogs, chickens, alpacas (Lulu & "Rosie") on what is referred to as the Brown Family Farm.