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Sucheta Rawal (She/Her)
Sucheta Rawal (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

Founder of Go Eat Give

Sucheta Rawal is an award-winning South Asian food and travel writer contributing to over two dozen publications including TIME Magazine, CNN, Travel+Leisure, HuffPost and AAA. Sucheta is a five time author of 'Beato Goes To' series of children's books that educate kids about the diversity of the world. She has personally traveled to over 100 countries across seven continents and writes about her experiences from her firsthand perspective. She also founded the non-profit, Go Eat Give, to raise awareness of different cultures through travel, food and community service. Sucheta’s mission is to promote meaningful and sustainable travel for the betterment of the global community. Read more at https://suchetarawal.com