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Tahauya Jackson
Tahauya Jackson
Summit Speaker

Mindset Coach, Transformational Speaker and Founder | Hey Girl, Heal

Tahauya Jackson, MBA, is a former people pleaser, overachiever, golden child and trauma survivor turned Mindset Coach. Her superpower is helping powerful women drop their Superwoman cape by overcoming perfectionism and people-pleasing to begin living a life they never want to escape from. Through her Saving Superwoman Academy and social media platforms, she is devoted to teaching high-achieving professional women how to detox from “doing it all” by overcoming their limiting beliefs to live a limitless life.

The days of women sacrificing their mental and physical health to fulfill their desire to “do it all” have come to an end. Tahauya’s unique style of mindset and communication coaching has allowed thousands of women to get out of their own way and into their next level.

She is also the Founder and Pioneer of the Hey Girl, Heal movement which serves as a safe space for women to heal, be vulnerable and become the best version of themselves. As a Transformational Speaker, she is devoted to sharing her story with the world so women and girls can find truth in theirs.

As a Mompreneur and millennial influencer, Tahauya offers coaching and training to educate women on the mindset and personal development strategies to reach their full potential in every area of life.

In her Saving Superwoman Academy, Tahauya teaches women how to overcome their desire to “save the world” by finding the courage and clarity to show up for themselves the way they do for others. Tahauya is the creator of the Hey Girl, Heal: Self-Development Journal and has helped over 5,000 women say goodbye to burnout and hello to balance and bliss.