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Tamara Beckford MD
Tamara Beckford MD
Summit Speaker

Emergency Medicine Physician, CEO of UR Caring Docs & Ur Caring Society

Dr. Tamara Beckford is a wife, mother, and board-certified emergency physician who attended medical school in Newark, New Jersey, and trained in emergency medicine in Philadelphia. Dr. Beckford has over a decade of experience working in emergency rooms across the country. Most recently, she has been on the frontlines battling the surge of COVID-19 in our community. She is the CEO of UR Caring Docs and the Ur Caring Society, which she launched in 2020. During the pandemic, Dr. Beckford recognized that many professional women were constantly tired, eating poorly, missing sleep, and not working out. As a result, she formed the Ur Caring Society to support busy professional women on their wellness journeys. As a mother and busy ER doctor in the middle of a pandemic, Dr. Beckford knew how hard it was to put herself first without feeling guilty. However, she quickly learned that she had to take care of herself before taking care of others. Today, her mission is to empower other women to take an active role in their health and wellness by putting themselves first for two hours per month. In her spare time, Dr. Beckford hosts the Docs Who Care Podcast where she interviews doctors from across the world who share their practical self-care and wellness tips.