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Tamika Newhouse
Tamika Newhouse
Summit Speaker

Creativerprenur and Producer, AAMBC Inc.

Tamika Newhouse is a self-made best-selling author and the CEO of AAMBC INC., a creative agency for Black Writers. She overcame the projected stigma that teen moms can’t have it all, by working in the radio and literary industries to soon create Delphine Publications by the age of twenty. She has created a publishing empire that has housed more than thirty writers at a single time. Releasing nearly three hundred titles as a producer and writer, she assists others in chasing their literary dreams as well, producing films, curating large events and festivals, as well as publishing books.

Believing authors deserve more recognition, she created the AAMBC Literary Awards, the only entertainment literary awards show, with a healthy lifespan of 13 years running. Her festival, Black Writer’s Weekend is a meet-n- greet celebration merging Black writers with fans from across the country. A motivational speaker and advocate for mental health, Tamika encourages others to take pride in taking care of their well-being. She gives motivational speeches at events throughout the country, inspiring others to fearlessly achieve their lifelong aspirations.

In Tamika’s short 14 years, she has released 18 books of her own, many of her works have appeared on several bestseller lists, earning her much recognition and multiple awards. As an inductee of San Antonio’s Who’s Who, a three-time winner for Best Self-Published Author, she has gained more honors, awards, and notoriety over the years, recently adding an Adcolor nomination for Innovator of the Year. Adweek once called her “The Shonda Rhimes of Black Publishing” in their 2020 Summer issue. In 2021 she won an Urban MediaMakers Film Festival award for Best Podcast. Tamika Newhouse is proving to be a trailblazer who’s creating a lane for Black creatives to be heard and respected with no signs of slowing down.