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Tara Marshall-Hill
Tara Marshall-Hill
Summit Speaker

Transformational Executive Coach

With over 20 years of experience in legal services, B2B / B2C sales, consumer marketing and business development within corporate America, Tara Marshall-Hill (she/her) is also a serial entrepreneur who has never met a pain point, she didn’t want to solve. After closing her last business in 2018 and taking some time to pivot back into corporate, in Tara answered the wake-up call of “a neurological event, i.e. stroke” to get back to her true self and create impactful solutions to problems affecting historically marginalized groups in corporate spaces. Since then, she has launched or is in the process of launching a handful of important ventures focused on disrupting the status quo in the corporate arena when it comes to DEI initiatives and programming that too often miss the mark. The first season of her upcoming podcast, appropriately titled - At the Intersection™ will soon be available for you to binge on your favorite podcast streaming platform. Tara is also CEO and Inclusive Marketing and Brand Strategist for her consulting firm, MarsHill Consulting, Co-Founder and Lead Designer for ecommerce gender-inclusive fashion startup, Umoja Threads Apparel Company™, and Founder and CEO of Heads Up @ Work™ - a technology startup whose mission is to democratize DEI and the revolutionize the standards by which we hold corporate America accountable.

Tara currently serves on the Board of Directors of JCADA (Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse), supporting the legal and advocacy departments. She is also the founding co-Chair of the Washington DC chapter of StartOut, an organization dedicated to driving the economic empowerment of the LGBTQ+ community through entrepreneurship. When she’s not trying to create spaces, solutions and systems for greater diversity, inclusivity, and equity, you can find Tara professionally speaking on those subjects, advocating for greater accessibility for disabled and neurodiverse professionals such as herself, or cuddled on the couch with her wife, their two children, and family pet, Asher.