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Tracy Timm (She/Her)
Tracy Timm (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

Founder and CEO, Thrivist

Tracy Timm is a CEO, speaker, and author specializing in helping purpose-driven professionals find extreme career clarity and pursue their dreams with confidence. Tracy attended Yale University where she got her degree in psychology and discovered her own need for career clarity—both of which led her to starting a company and writing a book on the subject. She is the founder of Thrivist, a proven career counseling business that serves both individuals seeking more clarity for themselves and organizations seeking more engagement for their employees. Her newly released book, Unstoppable, leads you through her proven, trademarked career clarity system called The Nth Degree®: the step-by-step process to discover your true value, define your genius zone, and drive your career forward. Tracy’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNN Business, Indeed, and more. If you believe that you’re made for more but feeling stuck in your career, Tracy’s expertise can help. Tracy currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas.