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Treasure Brooks
Treasure Brooks
Summit Speaker

Activist, Cultural Critic and Film Student at Harvard University

Treasure Brooks is an activist, cultural critic and film student at Harvard University. Her work includes opinion writing, multimedia art and political organizing. She is a co-founder and former Multimedia Editor of The Meteor, a new media company launched under the direction of former editor-in-chief Glamour and Self, Cindi Leive. Treasure has directed, edited and been featured in pieces for publications such as Teen Vogue, Audible, Harper's Bazaar, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, and various academic journals. She hosted and produced The Meteor’s first educational IGTV series “The Meteor Explains," which historically contextualized trending socio-political issues. Her episode on reproductive autonomy offered an in-depth exposé on forced sterilization months before it made national news for the non-consensual hysterectomies in ICE detention centers.

As a student activist, Treasure led a nationwide initiative to decolonize curricula in higher education and expand resources and protections for low-income and first-generation college students. Her work as an abolitionist organizer consisted of sending care packages and commissary funding to incarcerated LGBTQ members across New York state on behalf of the organization "Black and Pink." Prior to forging a path in media, Treasure was a law clerk for the Baltimore City Public Defender's office and a legal intern with the Shepard Higher Education Consortium on Poverty. She is a recipient of the Resonance Network's Innovation Grant, a John Lewis Good Trouble Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, and a frequent speaker on issues of racial equity, public policy, and feminist theory.