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UXMAL ☆ User Designed & Developed Mutual Aid & Liberation AI App


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UXMAL ☆ User Designed & Developed Mutual Aid & Liberation AI App

Pride: Championing LGBTQIA+ Leaders & Allies

UXMAL will use an aI interface to help users locate resources and communities on the app. Much like a social app like Buy Nothing, Discord, & Lex combine with feedback like yelp and mental health like Calm & Finch. An AI for all the things but more like ChatGPT. A comrade and game on your phone, the UX/UI and the database will be built via user. We will give an overview of what we have done so far and our upcoming Hackathons and Bootcamps to provide career development opportunities for our intersectional communities. UXMAL will be for and by intersectional, trans, queer, disabled, native, and people of color.

Rev Smitty Buckler

Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG)’s Purpose is to Instigate Mutual Liberation through an intersectional feminist approach to art and healing arts. CoG's seeks to create new works of arts, crafts, and performances to create an intersectional living history. To this goal, we support artists and future artists of all ages with intersecting identities through programming, education, mentorship, wellness, and community as well as trainings for organizations and institutions. CoG creates spaces to create healing and work, voice, history. CoG implements healing arts through RAD (Radical, Accessible, Decolonizing) Care by creating mutual (aid) liberation through community care frameworks centering marginalized intersectional voices. Smitty is an expression of the intersections of art, writing, performing, healing, & advocating. An amalgamation of intersectional identities which they express through their work as an artist, organizer, writer, illustrator, performer, dancer, coder, researcher, healer, and advocate. Their work is centered around topics of intersectional feminism. They have been creating opportunities for individuals within intersectional, QTPOC, Disabled, Native, and Latinx spectrum artists since 2004 through the Conspiracy of Geniuses (CoG). CoG is now working to bridge the gap between art as social change and essential healing tools with a project called RAD* Care and an app called UXMAL**. Enthusiasts say their best quality is phlebotomizing the patriarchy's blood, replacing it with glitter - evident in their artful fierceness they bring to intersectional art and activism. RAD = Radical, Accessible, & Decolonizing. UXMAL = User Experience designed Mutual Aid and Liberation.

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