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RECORDING: Age@Work: From Ageism To Health-, Life- and Work-Span


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RECORDING: Age@Work: From Ageism To Health-, Life- and Work-Span

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Ageism, often overshadowed by other forms of discrimination, is a pervasive issue that impacts not only the professional growth of individuals but also the productivity and inclusivity of organizations. We recognize that age is but one factor in the intricate tapestry of our health and lifespan. As demographics shift and we stand on the cusp of a new era where multiple generations coexist in the workplace, it's imperative to move beyond fighting against something (ageism) towards a solution-oriented language of embracing age at work and providing alternative pathways to keep people active, engaged and contributing. Join this session to discuss the complexity, challenges and opportunities of an aging workforce, and learn about Voice® - a global network of individuals, companies and institutions that are creating solutions for healthy, wealthier, fulfilling longevity - that is harnessing the wisdom and experiences of older adults, families and communities by engaging them in research, workshops, co-design efforts, to provide feedback on products, services, environments, and experiences that enable current and future generations to live longer, better.

Stela Lupushor (She/Her)

Stela Lupushor is a thought leader, speaker, educator and futurist on a mission to humanize the workplace. She advises startups, venture funds, mature enterprises on the use of design thinking, technology, analytics to create inclusive workplaces.

Lynne Corner (She/Her)

Lynne is co-founder and Director of VOICE and COO at the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA). VOICE is an international organisation established to harness the immense experience, skills and insights of the public to facilitate a cross generational dialogue on healthy ageing.

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