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Bringing Your Whole Self to the Table as an LGBTQIA+ Talent


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Bringing Your Whole Self to the Table as an LGBTQIA+ Talent

Pride: Championing LGBTQIA+ Leaders & Allies

80% of LGBTQIA+ talent are comfortable being out at work. That’s up 36% since 2016. This is great progress but we are still not where we need to be. We are excited to sit down with RC Whitehouse, SVP of Talent EMEA & NA at MiQ to discuss ways that LGBTQIA+ talent can truly bring their whole selves to work…and how their companies can help them do it. During this fireside chat, you’ll discover strategies for creating inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

Robert Whitehouse

Robert Whitehouse received his masters in Social-Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Remaining rooted in vibrant NYC, Robert's professional journey initially began in Learning and Development, gradually expanding to encompass a broader HR portfolio. Over the past seven years he has been employed by a tech firm, helping it to transform from a scrappy start up to a major player in the adtech space. Starting as Head of L&D, Robert is currently the Senior Vice President of Talent Business Partnership for EMEA and NA. A champion of people-centric leadership, Robert strives to strike a balance between individual well-being and organizational objectives, recognizing that an imbalance can create challenges - no matter the setting. Drawing from his understanding of group dynamics theories, he helps individuals to understand the nuances of authority, unravel interpersonal conflicts, and foster a high performing team.

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