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Creating Safe Spaces For Black Leaders


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Creating Safe Spaces For Black Leaders

Amplifying Black Excellence

Black individuals makeup 13% of the US population but only account for 8% of employees in professional roles. Furthermore, only 3.2% of all executive or senior leadership roles are held by black professionals, and less than 1% are represented among Fortune 500 CEO positions. The vast underrepresentation in these high-level positions creates an inevitable lack of comfort for those who do hold prestigious roles, so, how do we create spaces in the workplace where those individuals of color can feel safe, welcome, and supported? In this talk, we sit down with Ajah L. Amos, the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Virginia as she provides knowledge, experience, and answers questions on how we can create safe spaces for the black leaders in our organizations.

Ajah L. Amos

Bridget Finkeldey

Ajah L. Amos is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Virginia (UHCCPVA) and serves as co-lead for the United Health Group African American Employee Resource Group. She joined UHCCPVA in August of 2017 continuing her tenure in Managed Care Network Management. In her current role, Ajah is responsible for ensuring UHCCPVA’s nearly 200k Medicaid and DSNP members have adequate access to quality network providers and building strong partnerships with those providers. Ajah is also responsible for regulatory compliance across all network teams and vendors.

Prior to this role, Ajah led Provider Relations, Outreach, Contracting, and Pricing and Configuration teams for Humana, Magellan Behavioral Health, Aetna, and Anthem BCBS over the past two decades servicing several thousand providers and members across Virginia and the eastern United States. This included new network builds, new product implementations, system migrations, direct member servicing and community partnerships.

Ajah is active in the community serving as a mentor for Tea Bags of Love, a Sunday School teacher for her local church and is a 20+ year member of the Virginia Air National Guard where she has served as a Munitions Specialist, Paralegal and currently serves as a Commissioned Officer and Equal Opportunity Director. In her current role Ajah champions equity, diversity and inclusion for her local market health plan. Ajah has her Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Mass Communications and Masters of Business Administration.

Married to her “Match Made in Heaven” Anthony (Tony), they share four beautiful children which make up their blended family (Roza-37, Shalonda 27, Savon-24, and Kendall-9). Ajah, Tony and Kendall currently reside in Glen Allen, VA.

Lesley Carstens

Bridget Finkeldey

Lesley is a seasoned sales professional with a proven track record over-achieving quotas and a long, successful history selling to enterprise clients with stellar interpersonal and teamwork skills, a great attitude and a creative streak.

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