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Empathetic AI: A Conversation with Ema Co-Founder & CEO Amanda Ducach


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Empathetic AI: A Conversation with Ema Co-Founder & CEO Amanda Ducach

The Remote & Hybrid Office

Ema is an AI-led, wellness ecosystem that creates positive health outcomes through friendship & medically-vetted resources from fertility to menopause. We are thrilled to sit down with Ema’s Co-Founder and CEO Amanda Ducach to discuss how her company is using ChatGPT and “empathetic AI” as a community engagement tool and bringing women together.

Amanda Ducach

Bridget Finkeldey

Amanda Ducach believes that women are empowered through technology; she created Ema for this very reason. Amanda is a serial entrepreneur and former sales executive, with a background in the multicultural industry. Amanda holds an MBA, and currently resides with her two children, and husband (CTO of Ema) in Houston, TX.

Meg Alexander

Bridget Finkeldey

Meg Alexander joined the PowerToFly community as a job-seeker in 2014, eventually landing her first remote role working for PowerToFly's Delivery Team. Her professional experience includes roles as a Talent Advocate, Head of Purchasing for a window factory, audiobook publishing, & more than 5 years as a paralegal. She has a bachelor's degree in Art History from Indiana University (mint condition, never been used!), where she also earned a varsity letter for Women's Rowing. She loves DIY projects and will never say no to french fries. She lives in Toledo, OH with her husband Aaron, an engineering technician, and their dogs, Radar & Cake.

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