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Ethical AI and Why It Matters with Dr. Frida Polli, Chief Data Science Officer, Harver


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Ethical AI and Why It Matters with Dr. Frida Polli, Chief Data Science Officer, Harver

The Remote & Hybrid Office

While it may seem that AI is just now emerging with the likes of ChatGPT and similar platforms, in reality, it’s already here. According to Business News Daily, 60 percent of global 2000 businesses deploy AI and machine learning tools to support the entire employee life cycle experience. Knowing this, how can we use AI responsibly? For this conversation PowerToFly co-founder Katharine Zaleski will be joined by AI ethicist and Chief Data Science Officer of Harver Dr. Frida Polli to share her thoughts on the ever changing AI solution, its effects on DEIB and the workplace and to hear about the latest at Harver, a suite of automated solutions that optimize talent decisions for some of the world’s leading organizations.

Frida Polli, PhD

Bridget Finkeldey

First-time CEO passionate about revolutionizing access to economic opportunity through unbiased tech. Avid technophile who believes audited AI can act like CRISPR: retaining all the wisdom of humans while stripping out ineradicable bias. Impatient optimist. Over-committed mother of three (four if you count pymetrics).

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