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Exploring Allyship: From Intent to Impact


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Exploring Allyship: From Intent to Impact

Amplifying Black Excellence

For this keynote interview, PowerToFly Global Director of DEI Sienna J. Brown is joined by PowerToFly DEI Strategist Aanjel Clayton to dive deeper into the role that allyship plays in making real, lasting change at a company and the world. Sienna and Aanjel will discuss how to identify your privilege and strengths to advocate for others, ways to navigate hard ally conversations, uplifting intersectionality, and ways to self-educate yourself, avoid emotional tax and build safe spaces for others. Questions are welcome!

Sienna J. Brown

Sanmaya Mohanty

Sienna Brown is the Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at PowerToFly, where she crafts a strong DEI vision for the company and leads a team of changemakers towards achieving it.

Her focus is on long-term impact and innovation with inclusive companies that elevate underrepresented talent so everyone can thrive. Based in Spain, she brings a global perspective to DEI work and pushes companies to think inclusively about all of their employees. She prioritizes awareness, action and accountability to spark change and have meaningful impact.

Aanjel Clayton

Sanmaya Mohanty

Aanjel Clayton is a Global DEI Strategist & Trainer that creates sustainable behavioral change through human-centered strategy and empathy based coaching through crafting plans that fill the gap. She has worked in DEI for over 7 years and studied Business Administration / Human Resource Management at Western Governors University. In addition, she has a Prosci Change Management and DEI certification from Cornell. Her experience has been in various industries including; finance, education, government and startup consulting.

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