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Amplifying Black Excellence

The name says it all. While black womxn continue to face systemic obstacles in the job market, Niani Tolbert has made it her goal to provide resources and support to those who are often overlooked. Join Niani, founder of #HIREBLACK, an organization on a mission to help black womxn get hired, trained, or promoted. Listen, learn, and ask questions as Niani discusses the organization that came to fruition after a linkedin post created solely with the purpose of assisting 19 people with their resume, and has now turned into an online community of over 5,000, providing each individual with exclusive events, resources and an invite-only member portal designed specifically for career advancement black womxn and their allies.

Niani Tolbert

Bridget Finkeldey

Niani is a marketer-turned-tech recruiter-turned founder of the #HIREBLACK Initiative. #HIREBLACK started as a viral LinkedIn post requesting help in offering 19 Black womxn to receive resume feedback on Juneteenth, and grew into an initiative whose goal is to help 10,000 Black womxn get trained and hired promoted in corporate positions. #HIREBLACK is now a network of 15,000 people and counting featured on Forbes and ESSENCE.

Since its inception, #HIREBLACK has worked with companies like Amazon, Disney, Conde Nast, Niantic, Spotify, Uber, and more. Their resources have reportedly increased the total compensation of the HIREBLACK members by over $1.2 million.

Her work has garnered praise and recognition, and she won the Essence x Pine-Sol Build Your Legacy Contest in 2021. In 2021, Niani won the Future of Work grant by Create & Cultivate, was an honoree of the Future is Female award by Advertising Week, and was an honoree of the Diversity and Inclusion Award from the Women's Empowerment Institute in 2020.

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