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How Disabled Employees Bring Value to Flexible Workplaces


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How Disabled Employees Bring Value to Flexible Workplaces

The Future Of Work - The Remote and Hybrid Office

Disabled employees have the skills to meet the challenge of the new normal. From creative problem solving, to shaping an inclusive company culture, to priceless business insights, Jane Hatton explains why no remote or hybrid organization can really afford NOT to have disabled employees. Jane is the Founder and CEO at Evenbreak, and was named the 7th most influential disabled person in the UK in 2019.

Jane Hatton

Bridget Finkeldey

Jane is a disabled social entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker and author. She founded the award-winning social enterprise Evenbreak in 2011. Evenbreak is run by and for disabled people, aiming to make the world of work accessible and inclusive so that disabled people have the same opportunities to enter, thrive and progress in the workplace as non-disabled people. It supports employers to remove disabling barriers and be more inclusive and accessible through training and consultancy, events, and online resources. It supports disabled people looking for new or better work through online resources, events and career coaching. And helps both groups find each other on an accessible job board.

Widely published in inclusive recruitment, including “A Dozen Brilliant Reasons to Employ Disabled People” (2017) and “A Dozen Great Ways to Recruit Disabled People” (2020), she is on the executive board of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative, a Patron of Arkbound Foundation and a Trustee of Action on Disability and Development International. Winning a number of inclusion awards, she has appeared on the Shaw Trust Power 100 ‘Britain’s Most Influential Disabled People’ list three times, being placed 7th in 2019.

Anastasia Rab

Bridget Finkeldey

I'm an Account Executive passionate about helping companies take actionable steps to tackle their gender parity and inclusion problems. I enjoy working with clients that are ready to marry their rhetoric with results.

Before starting at PowerToFly, I worked at the Council of Europe in France, the Global Women’s Leadership Initiative in Romania, and the Athena Leadership Center at Barnard College. I'm a graduate of Barnard, the women's college of Columbia University, where I earned a degree in Political Science with a minor in French.

I serve as Secretary at Razom for Ukraine, a non-profit that grows entrepreneurship and increases civic engagement in Ukraine.

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