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RECORDING: How to build a successful career across product & tech


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RECORDING: How to build a successful career across product & tech

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Launching your career as a product manager requires a varied tapestry of skills and experience. While a degree and advanced certification can help in some cases, you will also benefit from continuous growth mindset that engages business acumen, knowledge-based environments, and various soft skills to succeed. Condé Nast’s Mel McVeigh (VP, Digital Product - Global Consumer Brands & Commerce) has enjoyed an impressive career building consumer-focused products and strategies that spark growth. While Mel sits on the technology side of the house, her background is creative, leveraging product development and savviness. Mel will share why focusing on the customer experience will help you drive revenue — and ultimately shape your career.

Get ready to take away:

The role business skills play in growing your career and driving revenue growth
What effective product strategy entails
Common challenges for beginners + how to overcome them
How creativity + a user-centric mindset can enhance your career
Soft skills + knowledge-based environments you need to thrive

Mel McVeigh

Ayla Morwin

Mel is a c-suite level Product Director, Artist and Photographer working as the VP Consumer Product (Brands and Commerce) at Conde Nast. She oversees a digital product portfolio of 9 brands in 11 markets as well as the commerce product platform globally.

Her expertise is a unique blend of art + commerce. An equal balance of high level creativity, cutting edge technology and global leadership, alongside continuous commercial growth and revenue generation.

Half of her world is imagining and creating things that never existed. Working in the realm of conception, redesign and reimagination of multi channel experiences to reach global audiences. The other half is knee deep in strategic planning, crafting commercial and consumer strategies across multiple lines of business for key brands and building digital capabilities, enhancing engagement and driving strong revenue growth.

Specialising in building, leading and inspiring teams, as well as transforming internal cultures into centres of excellence. An expert in designing world class ecommerce experiences, content management platforms using AI and ML. She pitches global brand strategies to investors and board members as well as briefing engineers on technical architecture and data pipelines or ideating with creatives on storytelling.

A frequent speaker on leadership, product strategy, photography, AI and storytelling

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