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How To Prevent and Address Workplace Bullying


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How To Prevent and Address Workplace Bullying

What We Know, What We’re Learning

Unfortunately, bullying isn’t just on the playground. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, 30% of adult Americans are bullied at work…that’s 76 million workers! For this interactive session with physician, lawyer and leadership coach Dr. Adam Harrison, you’ll learn the definition, types of and terms for Workplace Bullying (WPB), which types of people are more likely to experience WPB and why, and how can companies be proactive about preventing bullying in the workplace? Dr. Harrison will also discuss how companies and colleagues can respond to incidents.

Dr. Adam Harrison

Bridget Finkeldey

I'm a physician, lawyer and leadership coach who, as a result of my personal experiences, specialises in confidence and mindset coaching for physicians and other professionals who have been on the receiving end of workplace bullying. As a former medical director, I also work with medical leaders on developing kind leadership cultures based on the compassionate, servant and inclusive leadership model paradigms. The underpinning philosophy to both my workplace bullying and replacing toxic cultures with kind leadership work, is mental and physical wellbeing, so I do a lot of work in that arena too. I strongly believe in doing work aligned with my core values (honesty, justice, gratitude, love and humour) and I believe that shines through in my work. It is extremely important to me that I provide value to my clients. I am a fan of social media, hanging out on LinkedIn (as 'Dr Adam Harrison'), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (I have my own channel for which I create content) and Clubhouse, where I have co-founded a club. I am also a budding podcaster (by mid-2022 hopefully) and future author of a book on how those who have experienced workplace bullying can change their mindset and restore and reinforce their confidence so they can stop dreading and start enjoying and thriving at work. Most importantly though, I am husband to an incredible female surgeon and father to two amazing girls who changed my career trajectory to help me better work towards achieving that often elusive work-life balance.

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