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Introducing PowerUp and PowerPro: How PowerToFly is Becoming a True 360 Degree DEIB Platform


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Introducing PowerUp and PowerPro: How PowerToFly is Becoming a True 360 Degree DEIB Platform

The Remote & Hybrid Office

PowerToFly is thrilled to announce that we’re taking our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) to the next level with our groundbreaking DEIB platform. Join this special presentation to be among the first to discover the power of the PowerToFly DEIB Business Suite! Our new platform is specially designed for DEIB & HR/Talent professionals who want to transform their workplaces into more equitable and inclusive environments while taking their personal and professional development to the next level through on-demand, specialized DEIB courses with PowerUp and in-depth recruitment funnel data and insights through PowerPro. You will get to hear directly from PowerToFly’s President Amy Kim about our core mission behind this powerful platform. We are also thrilled to have our VP of Product, Amber Brown on board to give you a special product demo, showcasing the true potential of PowerUp and PowerPro in helping you level up your personal and professional development. We'll conclude with a live, interactive Q&A session with Amy, Amber and our Senior Director of Marketing & Community, Lauren Hagerty - questions welcome!

Amy Kim

Ayla Morwin

Amy is a driven and experienced executive who has provided solid operations leadership and revenue growth for over 20 years in dynamic, fast-paced, competitive environments. She is fully capable of leading an array of business development responsibilities, as well as general business operations, team leadership, and account management for series B, C, stage companies.

At PowertoFly, Amy’s focus is toward putting diversity and inclusion at the forefront of companies and employees to attract best-of-breed diversity talent. She strives to execute the best version of Customer Success and Service Delivery all the while offering guidance, support, and fulfillment to all her connections.

Amy has worked in Japan, Korea, and the U.S. and is fluent in multiple languages (Japanese, Korean, English), only furthering her ability to deliver results for international businesses, especially. Through her experience, she has become qualified in helping international corporations based in Asia or the EMEA seeking to build and expand a presence in North America.

Alongside her breadth of knowledge, Amy holds expertise in

  • Executive Growth
  • Revenue Growth
  • International expansion
  • Strategic Planning/Execution
  • Business Development
  • Fundraising

Amber Kirbos, MBA

Bridget Finkeldey

I’m not your average Product Leader, I’m a thought leader and product advocate who is committed to transforming the way organizations approach inclusive products. The last 8 years, the HR Tech & FinTech industry, has opened my eyes to the shift that’s occurring right now. There is a clear lack of direction when it comes to enabling diversity and inclusion in a product portfolio.

Here’s where I step in, I’m not the Product Leader who just wants to create a roadmap to follow - that’s the easy part. I’m the Inclusive Product Expert that’s paving the way and passing along a backpack of all the tools you’ll need to arrive at your final destination. I’m rooting for not only my clients' successes but their colleagues, their families and their localities too.

I’m a community builder and problem solver at my core, so spending my time brainstorming ways to uplift the underrepresented comes naturally. Breaking digital bias and disrupting Artificial Intelligence algorithms requires grit and is kind of my thing. How does this happen you ask? Well let’s rewind a bit… being able to look at SaaS and PaaS with a diversity lens takes strategic thinking, plans of execution and the ability to roll up your sleeves and jump into the weeds when needed. All of which ignites the passion that I hold for this space and new technologies itself.

Outside of working you can find me running outdoors (yes, even in the winter), nestled with my latest book and a cup of coffee or intentionally getting lost within the aisles of Home Goods.

If you have any questions or want to talk about ways to elevate DE&I in your company’s product tech stack or personal career development feel free to direct message me!

Lauren Hagerty (She/ Her)

Bridget Finkeldey

I'm a passionate community builder looking to forge meaningful connections between humans and brands making a difference.

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