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Leadership In Crisis


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Leadership In Crisis

What We Know, What We’re Learning

According to a 2019 PwC survey, 70% of business leaders had experienced a major crisis in the five years prior to the Covid. Add in a global pandemic and it’s hard to say we haven’t all experienced a work related crisis in one way or another in recent times. During this talk with NGA, we’ll discuss what makes a strong leader during a crisis and how to lead through empathy and purpose.

Christopher Ocasio

Bridget Finkeldey

Experienced Program Manager for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. I manage software development products that meet mission-critical demands for our warfighters and the safety of navigation. I have over 19 years of experience overseeing large products spanning over 32 million. Expert in people management, information technology, cross-functional communication, employee supervision, and process improvements. In-depth knowledge of developing and implementing organizational strategies to align with geospatial intelligence, software development lifecycle, and product lifecycle. Well-versed in spearheading new initiatives to support functional operations and IT project completion. Excellent aptitude for financial management, budgeting, procurement, and contracting. Motivational leader and organizational problem-solver with enhanced supervisory, team building, and program management skills. Experience in quickly learning new roles and making positive changes to drive company success.

Hunter Canning

Bridget Finkeldey Hunter Canning is a New York based performer, public speaker and events moderator. A conscience citizen of the world, his ethos is bringing people together through all the facets of life. Be it producing live performance or creating corporate recruitment content; Hunter has a passion for bringing people together to foster growth, kindness and a true understanding of each other.

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