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Managing Your Time and Making Your Dreams a Reality


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Managing Your Time and Making Your Dreams a Reality

Whats Working, What’s Needed

This one’s for the working moms (so literally, all moms). Motherhood can be demanding and draining; there just never seems to be enough time. Taking control of your time is crucial in balancing all of the demands placed on it, and it IS possible. In this session, Marisa Lonic, Founder of Mama Work It, will explain some of the strategies that have helped her and her clients do it all and have it all.

Marisa Lonic

Bridget Finkeldey

Marisa Lonic is a keynote speaker, life & business coach, 3x author, top-rated podcast host and the founder of Mama Work It. After spending nearly 15 years in corporate leadership positions, Marisa shifted gears to become a full-time Time Momager & Biz Momager. Through her books, courses, and coaching programs, she helps busy moms juggling mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life. Her time management and goal achievement strategies have helped the most overwhelmed mamas turn their dreams into reality, even when they thought they had no time to make any of it happen.

When she’s not supporting working parents with the daily juggle, you can find her cooking and baking delicious meals her kids may or may not eat, running (ok fine - walking/running) in her neighborhood, and hanging out with the five amazing guys she calls family (her husband and four kiddos).

You can connect with her here:




Nancy Dickson

Bridget Finkeldey

Nancy Dickson is the Associate Director of Programs at the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), where she develops and offers professional development programming for six thousand educators within CAIS member schools. Prior to working at CAIS, Nancy spent one year as Associate Director of Accreditation Services at the Association of Maryland and DC Schools (AIMS). Nancy has spent over twenty years in education in a range of roles from teaching to senior leadership. After earning her undergraduate degree from Middlebury College in Vermont, she began her professional life as the second employee at The Bay School of San Francisco, where she eventually served as Founding Director of Admission. After earning an MA in Private School Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University, Nancy taught English at The Berkeley Carroll School and at The Nightingale-Bamford School, both in NYC. She then served as Upper School Principal at The Park School of Baltimore for four years. A mother to three children, ages 2, 6 and 8, Nancy took extended family leave after the birth of each child and has continually made professional choices based on her perpetual search for the mythical work-life balance.

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