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Military Veteran & Military Spouse Hiring Initiatives at Collins


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Military Veteran & Military Spouse Hiring Initiatives at Collins

Supporting Veterans, Active Service Members & Military Spouses

Gary Halstead, Military Veteran Recruiting Program Manager at Collins Aerospace, will share about his experience as a veteran who transitioned out of the Air Force into the SkillBridge program at Collins. He then will share about how other fellow veterans and military spouses can leverage programs like SkillBridge and Re-Empower to join the Collins team.

Gary Halstead (He/Him)

Rob Ribar

Gary leverages 20 years of experience gained serving in the United States Air Force (8 years in airborne radar and electronic warfare & 12 in talent acquisition) as the Military Veteran Recruiting Program Manager at Collins. He was offered a SkillBridge fellowship to enhance his understanding of cooperate recruiting by working with some of the best recruiters and executives at Collins. After his fellowship, he was offered a full-time position to stay with the company and inspire the best, technicians, engineers, and people/program leaders in the country to join him at Collins Aerospace, an RTX company. He is excited to grow veteran hiring and champion initiatives that open the door of opportunity to as many fellow veterans as possible, especially those with security clearances.

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